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The Project began as a pilot funded through Scope in 1996 and received a Community Fund (Lottery) award in 1999 running until August 2002. It was first developed from a group of disabled people working to develop their own Lifestyles project. We achieved Charitable Status in 2002. We became a charitable incorporated (CIO) in 2013. We have been financially independent since 2002, which was achieved by a mix of income earned from individual support contracts from Adult Social Care, Health Trusts, community mental health trusts and various other funders.

Since early 2000 we have have been awarded occasional one- or two- year awards for specific work: training and education, young persons project, ESF employment and skills related initiative. Energies are currently focused on providing quality care through the use of Personal Budgets.
Support system

Support across Cornwall

Mid-Cornwall Lifestyles is now a valued service recognised for its flexible and friendly professionalism where we work individually to offer guidance, practical support, social opportunities, training and access to work.

Based in Bodmin from 1999 to 2014, we have recently relocated the office to Bude. All support and services continue unchanged supporting people wherever they live in Cornwall.
individual support for disabled people

What we can offer:

  • Individual Support for Disabled People
  • Flexible support via Personal Budgets
  • Accessible Transport
  • Access to social events
  • Advocacy
For individual support and social opportunities in Bude and across Cornwall, 
07967 822 340
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